Lawn Maintenance
    Pro-Design Landscape services residential and commercial
    lawns.  We provide full professional lawn cut that includes
    mowing, edging, and blowing.  Our weekly service keeps
    your yard looking good all year long.  Our reliable service
    comes to your house the same day each week and is in
    and out in no time, leaving a beautiful lawn to be enjoyed.
    Pro-Design understands nature and connection, and
    blends them accordingly.  Rich greens, colorful blossoms,
    and different smells could be part of your landscape.  
    Landscaping is both, science and art, and requires good
    observation and skills.....
    Sprinkler Installation & Repair
    Our installation, maintenance, and irrigation services help
    keep many properties in pristine condition, season after
    An attractive landscape requires,  unique thought!!  
    Landscaping with stone and rock is the most attractive
    and inexpensive way to add curb appeal and increase the
    value of your home.
Pro-Design Landscape
Office:  972-772-3621
Mobile:  469-231-5172
    Pro-Design helps you keep your landscape looking clean and kept.  We
    help you maintain the size and the shape of your plants.
    Seasonal Color Change
    Pro-Design provides landscaped areas with more seasonal variety and
    colorful accents.  Spring, Summer, and Fall Color is available and this
    can have the extraordinary ability to calm, cheer, and welcome.
    Clean ups/Renovations
    Pro-Design  cleans leaves, sticks, and debris on your lawn and
    landscape beds.  The purpose is to allow the grass to grow properly
    and leave you lawn clean.  Also, we provide renovations to restore
    beauty in your lawn with creative ideas.
    Adding mulch to your flower beds prevents soil from compacting.  It is
    used to keep the soil moist and reduce the amount of water that
    evaporates from the soil.  Also, it prevents weeds from growing and
    helps to moderate soil temperatures.
"Ask us how to solve "Drainage" problems..."